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What Does BITL Mean?

Think about how many times you've missed out on something that will never come around again. BITL is an acronym for before it's too late. When that time eventually comes for our loved ones, their voices will be silenced forever. StoryBITL helps to ensure that our loved ones' voices will live on.

Uncovering Oral Histories - What Makes Your Family Unique?

We all yearn to be part of something, have an identity that is our own yet tied to something greater. Sometimes we know a great deal about our family, sometimes only bits and pieces. And sometimes, there are interesting surprises we know nothing about. People love to reminisce and talk about their lives, but sometimes they need a little encouragement.

We work with you and your loved ones to help them tell their stories, and the stories they know about those who came before them, and preserve them before it's too late. To do this, we offer meaningful and caring opportunities to uncover and record those stories, while helping you celebrate the lives of your loved ones.

Family Ethnographies - Treasures of Gold

We bring families together in celebration by gathering the stories from the loved ones in your life. Putting it together before it's too late, we'll help you capture a record of what makes your family unique, and something you can pass down to generations yet to come.

You decide the scope and direction of your BITL project, what you want it to look like when we're done, and how you want to share it. Using your BITL project parameters, combined with an ethnographic approach, we are able to combine audio and video interviews, still photography, research, family celebrations, and more. We can even put together a short documentary film once all the information has been gathered and reviewed.


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